Biospectal at CES 2018

Biospectal One of Six Swiss Startups at CES 2018

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Biospectal was honored to be chosen as one of six Swiss startups representing the next generation of Swiss innovation at this year’s CES in LasVegas. Dr. Patrick Schoettker was blown away by the interest in optical biosensing and Biospectal’s smartphone app solution for monitoring blood pressure through the fingertip.”We know that 1.4 Billion people in the world suffer from hypertension and that it’s obviously top of mind for much of the world’s population, but the interest was way beyond what we expected. Of course, our mission is to make a global impact on ‘the silent killer’ as WHO calls it, and CES was a huge validation that we’re on the right track with our proposition of making blood pressure measurement as available as Twitter, Facebook, or eBay – it’s another app on that phone in the pocket of any patient, clinician, or public health worker around the globe.”

“As such, we are intent on taking advantage of benefits of the existing smartphone user base to making a global impact through massive, friction free distribution of our technology. The traditional method of monitoring blood pressure, the brachial cuff, suffers from difficulty in distributing the devices, damage and breakage during use, inconvenience of having to maintain a separate device and discomfort and inconvenient patient experience. At Biospectal we’re working on solving all of those problems.”

Dr. Schoettker continues, “Most importantly, however, we’re hyper focused on making everything we do medical grade and adhering to the state of the art in terms of accuracy and reliability. We are, in short, intent on being a real solution as that brings serious new technology innovation to bear on improving world health.”

Founded in Switzerland with a global reach, Biospectal is currently working on several global health initiatives to begin rollout of their software platform

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