Biospectal to Present the Democratized Future of Biosensing at Digital Health Connect ’18

Professor Patrick Schoettker, M.D.
Professor Patrick Schoettker is Biospectal’s co-founder and visionary behind using non-invasive, optical biosensing solutions that are widely accessible through existing smartphones.

Digital Health Connect Conference

On June 15, Professor Patrick Schoettker M.D., co-founder, Senior Medical Advisor, and inspiration behind Biospectal’s breakthrough software based optical analysis in smartphones to tackle the global hypertension epidemic, will present at the Digital Health Connect  conference sponsored by Swiss Digital Health  His topic, “Optical Vital Signs Monitoring, the Future of Today,” explores the exciting health potential of advances in today’s computing hardware and sophisticated software to transform everyday smartphones and other IoT devices into medical grade monitoring and management solutions. Especially with regard to chronic, globally pervasive diseases such as hypertension, he will discuss how new technologies around us can enable convenient, accessible, easy to use applications that yield actionable data that connects people with their care system.  Biospectal’s smartphone app is the first step in unlocking this potential by using the camera in existing smartphones to accurately measure blood pressure “anywhere, anytime.”

Professor Schoettker explains, “For over a century, we have been stuck with the traditional blood pressure cuff to try to help people monitor blood pressure, but it’s a clumsy, uncomfortable, fragile and hardly what you’d call a portable device. At Biospectal, we are partnering with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) to put everything you need to measure your blood pressure in your pocket. With no extra hardware to lug around, and by simply putting your fingertip on your phone’s camera, you can capture your blood pressure accurately for tracking, analysis and follow up. Perhaps most importantly, in a smartphone the data becomes meaningful, enabling the patient to understand and track their blood pressure more actively for better health and quality of life. And, beyond having better visibility into your own trends and being empowered through self care, that data can be shared actively with doctors and caregivers for professional analysis, decision support, and ultimately better treatment.” 

Patrick concludes, “The devices we carry with us have become so powerful and so capable of doing many things in everyday life. We are looking at them from a unique angle of how we can piggy back on these capabilities so they can be used for medical grade solutions. We see this convergence of everyday connected devices with medical applications becoming an integral component of the standard of care. Extending clinical monitoring from medical office into the everyday consumer context, including the continuity of care and insight it enables, represents a disruption that will both improve patients lives and drive radical change in the medical world.”

Professor Schoettker specializes in anesthesia and emergency medicine at the CHUV (Lausanne – Switzerland). He works closely with the CSEM Institute to develop and validate new innovative medical technologies.

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