RTS Swiss TV Introduces OptiBP

Biospectal OptiBP™ Blood Pressure App Launches in Switzerland, Featured on National TV Channel RTS

User measures their blood pressure using a smartphone with the OptiBP app for Android.

Today, Biospectal’s groundbreaking OptiBP™, the first CE approved smartphone app to measure blood pressure using a fingertip on a smartphone camera that launched has launched in Switzerland, was featured on Swiss national television channel RTS.

In the vignette, RTS explored OptiBP’s potential to dramatically improve user engagement with monitoring blood pressure in their daily life. 

With better patient participation in their doctor’s care, they become much more aware and educated about their heart health, which helps doctors overall to be more effective in generating positive life quality. 

OptiBP for Android launched on January 30th in Switzerland. It will be available in multiple European countries later in 2024. OptiBP for iOS is in development, and interested users can sign up for notification of its launch status here.

“Cuffless Blood Pressure in clinical practice: challenges, opportunities and current limits.”

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This review explores cuffless blood pressure technologies and their impact on clinical practice, highlighting innovative devices that offer non-invasive, continuous and non-continuous monitoring without a cuff. Signal processing is essential for ensuring accurate readings, as it filters out unwanted artifacts and environmental disturbances which could make the reading inaccurate. While these advancements show great potential for transforming cardiovascular care, there are still several challenges to overcome, including the need for standardized protocols and validation studies to ensure their reliability and safety in clinical settings.